Why is kitty spraying in my house?

Why is kitty spraying in my house?

Why is kitty spraying in my house?

My beautiful ginger kitty is 5 years old. He still behaves like a kitten though, which I think is totally delightful. Lately we’ve been having a few little problems.  Just the other day I was sitting in my recliner with my feet up. Rudy (my kitty’s name) wandered over , took a sniff of my slipper socks and then proceeded to spray  me.  Yes, you read that correctly, he sprayed urine on my foot.  It took me a couple of minutes for the action to register on my brain.  I looked at him and said ‘did you just do what I thought you did?, to which of course he did not reply.  My husband thought it was hilarious.

Why is kitty spraying in my house?

Kitty Rudy

Why is kitty spraying in my house? Unfortunately this was the start of a little problem.  I was most concerned because I’ve had him for five years and never ever had he sprayed in the house. He was desexed at the age of 6 months and spraying had never been a problem. In fact he hadn’t even been spraying in the garden up until quite recently.  I wasn’t sure what the problem was but I had an idea.  I was hoping that this was just a one off that it had to do with the fact that I hadn’t worn ‘those slipper socks’ for a long time and the smell was alien to him.  Alas, it was not to be.

To make the situation worse my husband and I were going on a little holiday and would be away for ten days. Friends of ours came to housesit but they both work and goodness knows what happened while we were away.  Let me correct that, I know the results of what happened I just don’t know the events leading up to it.

After ten relaxing days in Hawaii I came home to find not one, but three separate areas of the house that had been lovingly marked by Kitty Rudy.

This was a serious problem!  I did not want the smell of cat wee in my house and also I was very concerned for Rudy as he had never done this before.  The only thing to do in this case is consult a professional.

I rang Ringwood Veterinary Clinic and asked them the burning question ‘Why is kitty spraying in my house?’

The answer was fairly straightforward and unfortunately not what I wanted to hear. Rudy was stressed. It is quite likely that when I’m not at home the neighbours cat comes to visit, eats Rudy’s food, sprays in my house and beats up my baby. Great! Not only is Rudy spraying in the house but now it looks like the neighbours cat is too.

Soon we’ll have all the cats in the neighbourhood coming over for a painting party!


Why is kitty spraying in my house?

This is my recliner now!

Why is kitty spraying in my house? Well now that we know the answer, how do we address it? According to Dr Kim Mizzi there are a number of ways in which we can deal with the situation.

Firstly how do we stop other cats entering the premises. There are quite a number sophisticated cat flaps on the market that allow only your cat to enter the premises. This is achieved by putting a special collar on your cat.

Secondly, how do we alleviate the stress in Rudy?  There is another product on the market that you plug into the wall and when switched on it emits certain pheromones into the atmosphere.  These pheromones are designed to make your cat feel calm and secure. This product can also be purchased from Ringwood Veterinary Clinic.

Lastly and always, if you are not doing this, you must keep your cat in at night. Rudy has always been kept in at night so this wasn’t a problem.

Since speaking with Kim I decided to purchase the product called Feliway that emits pheromones. I plugged it into the living area near the back entrance where Rudy’s cat door is and waited. I don’t know why I was expecting a visual. For all intents and purposes it might not be doing anything, but I have to say, it’s working. Rudy is no longer hiding in the corner in the attic (yes, when I returned from Hawaii that’s where I found him and that’s where he would hide during the day).

I’ve noticed that he is still spraying in the garden but has definitely stopped spraying in the house and it’s been four days since I plugged the device in.  He has even gone back to sleeping in his favourite sport which is on the window sill by the back door.

I'm happy again

I’m happy again

So the answer to Why is kitty spraying in my house? was relatively simple and not that difficult to resolve either. For more information on Feliway contact Ringwood Veterinary Clinic or go to the Feliway website and read their reviews. Totally worth it!


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