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Puppy School

“Puppy School? I’ve had dogs for 20 years, I don’t have to take them to Puppy Whatcha-ma call it!!”

That was the response we used to get when suggesting Puppy School. However new dog owners are a new breed amongst themselves. They realise that times have changed in the way we relate to our dogs and train them as they grow and the new regulations governing dog ownership.


Puppy School is designed to teach owners how to have sociallly acceptable, fun-loving dogs that have manners such as please and thank you. Puppies are at their most impressionable between the ages of 8-16 weeks. Any positive or negative influences that are introduced to your pup are imprinted into their brains.

Because puppies are going through a stage of vaccination (8 weeks, 12 weeks and the final at 16 weeks) they are not fully protected against disease until about 10 days after their final vaccination. This means they can’t be properly socialised safely in public, in case of contracting a serious and sometimes fatal virus called Parvo.

In a safe and controlled environment like Puppy School, your puppy is able to positively interact with other dogs and their owners, directly impacting on your pup’s character for the future.


We are responsible for our pet’s behaviour both morally and lagally. Gone are the days when we used to open the gate and let the dog out for some exercise of it’s own.

More and more, dogs have become members of the family and that is as it should be. But in treating them as members of the family, we have unfortunately created behavioural problems by expecting them to think and behave like us. Most people have heard of seperation anxiety where a dog may either bark all day whens it’s owners are away at work, or become terribly destructive by slowly but methodically chewing the back door into toothpicks, but there are also dogs that have to be gotten rid of because of behavioural problems – or worse still “Pet Dog Mauls Child in Back Yard!!”


Your pup will learn to play safely with other dogs and learn basic commands using positive reinforcement such as ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘stay’, ‘stand’, ‘drop’ etc..

We also teach children to be more confident and in control of their puppies. children are generally related to by the pup as just another puppy. We welcome kids to classes so that we can see different people in the household as they interact with the pup.

Generally speaking, pups see the male adult in the family as the leader of the pack, followed by themselves or the female adult as next in line and children down the very bottom. Any behavioural problems noticed, such as dominance, can be controlled by exercises that reinforce our higher ranking in the household.

We encourage you to be the leader and teach you how to maintain a happy balanced family with the dog being loved and enjoyed by everyone!!


  • TIME: THURSDAYS 6:30 – 7:30pm or by special arrangement
  • DURATION: 5 weeks

Classes are held all year round right here at the clinic by Sonya Nagel who has been taking them for over 15 years. We hope to see you in the near future with your new member of the family!

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