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Our Services

Our fully equipped, modern centre opened in March 2000. Before that, we were established for over 30 years at 17 Whitehorse road. The move was a perfect opportunity to upgrade our facilities. The hospital has two consulting rooms, two surgery areas (one of them an isolated sterile operating theatre), cat & dog consulting rooms, an X-ray room & seperate dark room.

We offer a range of services to ensure the highest quality of treatment of your pet.

X-Ray Machine

Our hospital is fully equipped to take diagnostic radiographs and develop them, which enables the Vets to assess your pet’s condition quickly and accurately.


Caring for your pet’s teeth is vital for their well being. We have state-of-the-art, fully equipped dental work station that includes an ultrsonic scaler and high speed fibre-optic drill.

Infusion Pumps

Intravenous drip pumps are used on all cases requiring fluids. The pump enables fluids to be administered accurately over a long period of time.


We are fully computerised. Patient medical histories are stored and can be accessed from all over the hospital.


A fully-stocked pharmacy enables our vets to deal with any situation that is presented. We also fill special orders with same day delivery on most stock.

Anaesthetic Machines

Our modern anaesthetic machines are equipped with precision vapourisers, respiratory monitors, heart-rate & blood gas analysers. In addition, a fully qualified nurse nurse monitiors your pet.


We stock only the best brands of food that have been specially formulated to enhance your pet’s health. Ask our qualified staff to choose the best one for your pet.


We can do all surgical procedures on site, however in the best interests of your pet if necessary we will refer to specialists for some procedures.


All of our blood tests are collected by Gribbles throughout the day & have a turn around of 12 hours. Simpler tests can be performed in our in-house laboratory quickly and accurately.

Weight Advisory Clinic

We have accurate, fully computerised scales at your service so we can monitor your pet’s progress and provide support when needed. Our qualified staff can advise you honestly on the ideal weight for your pet and how to achieve or maintain it.

Puppy School

We offer a 5 week course for puppies from 8-16 weeks old which is run by Sonya Nagel, a fully qualified veterinary nurse who has many years experience running puppy classes. During this course your puppy will learn basic obedience and social skill, no to mention learning to love coming to the vet! The course is dynamic, fun and full of information ad goodies!!