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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive over the phone. I hope they are useful to you…


What bones are safe to feed my pet?

Raw chicken necks & wings are best. Many cats won’t eat them if they are straight out of the fridge, so feed them at room temperature. Some cats that are very fussy, or have food down all the time, may also turn their nose up at them. You may need to take their food away for a day to make them hungry enough to accept them. Doing this once to twice a week will keep your cats teeth healthy.

Raw chicken necks & wings for little dogs (watch they don’t become constipated). Raw lamb bones for bigger dogs. Alway feed the long shaft bones, not little knuckle bones or T bones which can be accidentally swallowed & then get stuck in their throat or intestines. Beef bones are also no good – they are so hard that dogs can break their back teeth on them! Remember NEVER EVER FEED COOKED BONES – they cause terrible constipation!!!


My dog is shaking it’s head…

This could be due to something being down the ear canal, such as a grass seed, insect, etc. It could also be associated with infection, an allergy or irritation. It is always important to look down the ear with an otoscope before putting any drops down the ear incase the ear drum has ruptured, since certain chemicals crossing the ear drum can cause permanent deafness.


My dog is scratching…

The most common thing that makes dog’s scratch are fleas. This is easily treated with a spot on liquid, such as Frontline or Revolution. Contact allergies are also common, with plants such as Wandering Jew being common problems in gardens, parks & waterways. Pets can also be allergic to certain foods, and airborne particals, such as dust, pollen and aerosols.


I have just bought a large breed puppy and the breeder told me to get a calcium supplement…

If you have your pet on a good quality pet food, it is unnecessary to use calcium supplements, since they are already included in the food. When it comes to quality, you get what you pay for. Supermarket foods are full of artificial colours & preservatives and have a low digestability, meaning that a greater percentage of what they eat comes out the other end not absorbed. Premium quality foods are healthier for your pet and are more specific to your individual pets needs.


My dog/cat won’t be the same if I get him/her desexed…

This is a myth that has managed to make it through the dark ages. Scientists have recently proved that humans and dolphins are known to be the only animals that have sex for pleasure… the rest is hormones. Desexing a pet does not alter it’s persona at all, other than decreasing it’s urge to fight with other animals and go wandering in search of a mate. Both these attributes are usually undesirable in any case. Furthermore, desexing your pet reduces the risk of mammary & prostate cancer, hernias, uterine infections, etc.


I had two pets and since one of them has died, the remaining pet isn’t the same. Can they be depressed? They seem to be missing the departed one.

Our pets are very sensitive creatures and when there is a change to the household, they certainly be affected by it. Sometimes, after one pet dies, the other can become ill. Whether this is due to stress is hard to say, but it is always worth having your pet examined medically in case something more serious is going on.


My pet has extremely bad breath…

Bad breath is usually a result of dirty or rotton teeth. This happens most commonly in pets that won’t chew bones (raw bone are the only safe bones to feed your pet). Once their breath is smelly, they usually need to have some sort of cleaning procedure under anaesthesia, or even teeth removed, to restore the teeth to a better condition. They can then go on a special teeth cleaning diet to maintain good oral hygiene.


My pet seems to be drinking a lot of water…

There are a number of metabolic diseases that cause increased thirst in our pets. These include diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, adrenal problems, thyroid problems, etc. The best way to investigate all of these diseases is with a blood and urine test.


My dog is too strong for me or my children to walk. Is there something to help?

There are many training aids that can be used to stop your dog from pulling. The two that we have found to be the best are the halti and the gentle leader, which act like a halter over your dog’s nose. They are non painful and very effective. If you think you would benefit from one, come down with your dog so the correct size can be fitted, as this is very impotant.


Why is it so important for my dog to have heartworm prevention when I haven’t really heard of it before?

Heart worm is a parasite spread by mosquitos. One bite from an infected mosquito will inject the microscopic worms in to the blood stream, where they can swim to the heart & grow in to large worms which then block the vessels in the heart causing heart failure. Once the adult worm are in the heart, it is very difficult to get rid of them and many dogs die. Using prevention stops the risk of the worm ever being able to establish itself in your dog’s system. Approximately 10% of the Victorian population of dog’s is diagnosed with heart worm each year.


Can I get worms from my pet?

The worms animals carry are different to the types of worms humans get when they take a drug to worm themselves. However, certain worms can accidentally be transmitted from pets to humans with disasterous consequences. Young children are most at risk due to poor hygiene. Eight children a year in Australia become blind in one eye from worm larvae migrating in to the retina.Using a good quality all wormer, such as Drontal, is the best way to prevent this from happening.